Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property from one owner to another. Simply put, it ensures that when you buy a property, you are getting exactly what you’ve paid for. Conveyancers, or property solicitors, act on behalf of their clients to carry out the whole process, from providing forms of ID to receiving the title deeds to the property.

Conveyancing ensures that you legally own the home you’re purchasing.

Who can do conveyancing?

There are two types of professional who can handle conveyancing:

  • a Solicitor
  • a Licensed Conveyancer

The difference here is simply that a practising solicitor is qualified in all areas of law. A licensed conveyancer is only qualified in property and so specialises in that. Either can complete your conveyancing with no problem. At Kelly & Chapman you have the advantage of both.

Some people want to do their conveyancing themselves. DIY conveyancing is possible, but we would recommend caution. A legal transaction on the biggest purchase of your life, with potential loans and other people’s property purchases involved (if you’re in a chain) probably isn’t the time to start trying to do it yourself.

We are  professionals with a combined 40 year plus experience in all aspects of property transactions , we know who to talk to when we need to prompt mortgage providers, surveyors or estate agents. Those relationships, as well as the know-how of the process, are worth investing in.

Please feel free to contact our Licensed Conveyancer Susan Gale-Phillips .