Melbourne Litigation Lawyers

Very few people want to be involved in court proceedings. They can be protracted, stressful, costly and the outcome is not always predictable.
Many people, however, can and do find themselves in situations where they have no choice but to seek the assistance of the courts to protect or defend their commercial or personal interests.
Where clients find themselves in circumstances where litigation is unavoidable, we have extensive experience in most aspects of civil and commercial litigation including property litigation, personal injury litigation, matrimonial and co-habitational disputes, building litigation, general contractual disputes and debt recovery.
Ultimately, we endeavour to achieve the best possible results to ensure that our clients, wherever possible, are able to get on with their lives and businesses without the inconvenience of protracted disputes to spoil weekend plans.
We do not advocate immediate resort to the courts. In many cases, settlement or even abandonment of a client’s claim may be the more practical and cost-effective approach depending upon the likelihood of the client’s success or prospects of subsequent recovery if successful.

We can help to fix your problems.

Our Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyer is Vicki Koutsantonis