Jul 7

Who can draw up a Will?


There is no formal requirement that a lawyer must draw up the will, but if the will-maker is in doubt as to any proposed provision, either a solicitor, the State Trustees, or any private trustee company should be consulted as to the wording of the proposed will.

A will is an important document as it should deal with every asset the testator owns, and should therefore be kept in a safe place (e.g. in a bank, with a solicitor, or in a private safe). At Kelly and Chapman we keep wills and any other important legal documents such as certificates of title free of charge. The executor(s) or a relative should be told of the will’s whereabouts so that it can be easily located when the will-maker dies. The executor could also be given a copy of the will in a sealed envelope.

It is a criminal offence to conceal a will or codicil. A person concealing or retaining a will may be liable to pay damages to any person defrauded or any persons claiming under them for any loss sustained through retention or concealment.

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