Nov 8

Electronic Conveyancing


We are proud and very excited to confirm that Elizabeth Palumbo from Kelly and Chapman’s Property Department has now conducted the firm’s first electronic conveyancing settlement using the “PEXA” platform.

pexa PEXA represents a leap forward in conveyancing offering our business greater efficiency and our clients’ greater piece of mind that settlements will occur on a “real time basis” and without any unforeseen delays or issues immediately giving vendors access to their sale funds and purchaser’s being transferred onto Title immediately. The way forward in Victoria will be electronic conveyancing and soon, Paper Titles will be a thing of the past

Most certificates of title in Victoria are still in paper form. Land Victoria are in the process of facilitating a bulk conversion of approximately 1.6 million paper certificates of title into electronic form (eCT) meaning that many CTs in Victoria will now be eCTs. Feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have moving forward in this exciting venture.